About Us

About Us

EXE DOT COM is a go-to Web Design and SEO services company for small & medium-size businesses. We are based in Montréal, Canada.
We help our locals improve their online presence and rankings.
For a tree to grow, it needs nutrients and a proper environment, and most of all it needs time. You need to have patience and understand that it is a gradual process. Page 1 rankings do not happen in a few days, it’s a process and it does take time. We recommend running campaigns with us for at least 4 months for better results.
If you think that we can help you and your company with Web Design, Online Marketing, SEO, or a mixture of them all…

Introducing the team



“The only way to create great things everyday is with great people who truly enjoy their job. As cheesy as it may sound, we are enthusiastic, and we take pride in doing the best we can.”